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Pomegranate Vanilla Soap


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This soap reminds me of all the amazing hours I spend in the Fall peeling pomegranates and preparing them to freeze. I took it as a challenge to preserve as many seeds intact as I could. I love sitting on the red blanket covered couch in front of the T.V. binge watching a good show. I would gingerly roll out each seed trying not to burst one on my face. My favorite thing is to grab a handful and pop them in my mouth and as I chew feel them pop like fruit filled fireworks in my mouth!! Yum! It's amazing! Now you too can enjoy the smell with this amazingly scented soap.

Ingredients:  featuring shea and mango butter, glycerin,color,  pomegranate essential oil and fragrance blend, and apricot seeds.

Approx. 5.5 oz.