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Calming Clay Face Bars, 'Mini's' (Shea and Mango Butter, Set of 4) Soap


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You get the same amount and a little more with these 'Mini's', as the 'Big,' Face Bar...and you get 4! Score! You can use them for travel or spread the love around your household.You can have one in the shower one by your bathroom sink or even give them to your teenager! Wink. Wink.

This is a soap for the face. I use a special blend of clay and essential oils. The bar is round and you can use it directly on your damp face and the fine clay will exfoliate or you can wet the bar and lather for a more softer face wash. If you have a dryer climate and dryer skin you just need to pair it with your favorite face lotion and your face will love you. This is a fan favorite. 

Ingredients: featuring shea butter, mango seed butter,  healing bentonite clay, tea tree oil, spearmint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oils.

For use to wash your face twice daily. First, wet face. The bar can be used on face or roll it in wet hands to provide lather for face. Then, rinse. This is great to use and follow with our Cucumber and Aloe face toner, and then finalized with Eucalyptus Mint Face Lotion. If you have a dryer skin try the Lilikoi and Grapefruit Face oil in the evening instead.

 Approx. 4.2oz.