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Homemade Natural Lip Balms

Posted by Lucille Cook on

Our Lip Balms will naturally spoil your lips! We just freshly made a bundle of new fun-loving flavors, but don't worry fans, we do have our original flavors! The new flavors will debut Jan 15th at 9 a.m.!

Before I started making lip balm, I was at the beach enjoying a family reunion and even went whale watching! I love lip balm. I reapply like crazy, especially when the salty air and the wind is drying out my lips. Little did I know what would happen next. The next day, from using my store bought, petroleum based lip balm I woke up with my lips burned and swollen like I had lip injections. I learned online that petroleum lip balms will attract the sun and burn your lips. I know it didn't help to have salty air around them, either. As I did research, I decided to make natural lip balm instead. I also have learned to add Vitamin E too! 

Right now, because I am wearing masks and my lips aren't seen and lipstick will stain them, I choose to wear lip balms instead, especially in the hot desert where I live! Lip balms are a must for me! Self care in these hard times is so important!

Come get these Lip Balms while they are fresh! Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away and they will be perfect for Valentine's Gifts!

Hope to serve you soon!

Love, Lucy @ Sandy Feet Soap



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